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over 10 years
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About us

We’re data obsessed and agile maverick marketers hell-bent on creating the best digital content out there. Brand Development, Content Strategy, Email Marketing, SEM & Performance Marketing, Social Media Consulting, Facebook/Instagram Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Web Development – we’re experts in all of it.

Who We Are

WCE was founded by Aleksandar Todevski with the goal of creating content that moves people, spurring them into action and engaging them on an emotional level. Together we have created outstanding branding, dynamic web content and behavior based marketing funnels that have driven massive results for clients. 


The Design Award 2021
2020 CSS Design Award
2018 Behance

What We Do

Are you creating a brand, business, or campaign from scratch? Or, are you hoping to refresh a tired look? Do you have offline and online needs? We’re on it. Innovation. Collaboration. Execution. You’ll have the design. You’ll have the marketing. You’ll have the latest functionality. We will likely have caffeine overdose… whatever it takes. We’re with you until it’s done and done right

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