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James Hotel Public Art Launch


WCE was enlisted to assist in the transformation of the James Hotel into a more art-focused destination. As a part of this reimagining, we collaborated with an up-and-coming artist to create a captivating mural on the hotel’s facade facing Sixth Avenue. To enhance the impact of this artwork, we developed an interactive experience, complete with curated programming and a unique hashtag. When guests used this hashtag in their social media posts, their content could be prominently featured on a dedicated microsite.

Furthermore, WCE organized an exclusive private event with influential individuals to generate buzz and excitement surrounding the project’s launch. To engage the wider audience, we launched an enticing contest, offering participants the chance to win a complimentary stay at any James Hotel location across the nation. To sustain the momentum, we hosted regular influencer meetups to foster ongoing conversations and engagement.


WCE played a pivotal role in elevating The James Hotel’s reputation as an art-centric establishment through a strategic blend of user-generated content initiatives and influencer collaborations. Over the course of our program, we successfully garnered an impressive audience reach, surpassing the 10 million mark.