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A little about us, and then it’s all about you…

Our team? Think coffee addicts on hyper drive ready to bring you cutting-edge work that will get responses like no other. We are a boutique creative team with unique vision, passionate work ethic, and an endless desire to tell your story the way it needs to be told. We don’t wear suits. They just get in the way of us rolling up our sleeves and knocking out your project. We weave through traffic on motorcycles to get to work, and that’s how we hit work… full throttle. Each moment, we are fueled by the craving to bring you the killer ideas that will make your company and brand stand out from all the others. We live for this stuff. It is who we are. We create emotion. Work with us just once, and you’ll wonder where we’ve been all your life.


We don’t just offer design or SEO expertise or social media prowess. We offer the most important thing: creativity. We are your team for everything. Need web traffic? You’ll go from country road to interstate. Better design? Done. Cutting-edge marketing? Yes. Starting up from the beginning? We can be at your side each step of the way, feeding your ideas and fueling your results with high-octane creativity and Emotion.

Design & Develop

Do you have ideas and visions, but you’re not quite sure how to act on them? That’s where we come in. Our team becomes part of your team…symbiotic. We help you conceptualize, create, and execute. Your concepts kick start our creative development and design. Maybe your concern is that you don’t have new ideas. We can help there, too. We can think creatively for you. We can get things going.


With us, you’re never left hanging. We’ve got your virtual back. Our experience and expertise has you covered at every step of the process. And, the process is always yours—unique to your company, your brand, your business. Just tell us what you need or want, but then watch out! We’re so driven to action for you that it can be a little scary at times. Just a little.

The Crew.

Our team is small, and that’s its greatest strength. We want an intimate connection to your projects. Downing our fifth cup of coffee in the morning, our sole thoughts are on your needs. And don’t let our size fool you. Our group knows the latest technologies and media trends. We have the creativity of a team of 20. Click on our pics and find out more.

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Award-Winning Art Director/Boss Man

Award-Winning Art Director/Boss Man

It takes a visionary to strike out on his own and say, “I’m done working for other people. The only way I can give clients what I know they need is to do it myself. No rules. No second best.” Is this maverick experienced? He’s done gigs in the interactive industry for the Miami Herald, Knight Rider, and Accquinity Interactive. But that’s the past. He’s the boss now, and his agency has a simple motto: Caffeinate, Collaborate and, finally, Fascinate. When not leading the charge in online campaigns or pondering pixels, he can be found doing his thing on his motorcycle or jamming with his band.


Active Listening
Time Management
Complex Problem Solving
Creative Direction


  • Graphic Design BFA, FAU University
  • Computer Sciences BAs, Kiril & St. Methodius
team 2


Visual Wizard

Visual Wizard

You’ve never seen visual magic like his. We’re not talking about the standard pulling rabbits out of hats that could put an insomniac to sleep. This is take-no-prisoners street magic – the stuff that makes you say, “It has to be magic! Nothing else explains it.” He works Adobe like a wand. His logotypes and websites will leave you catching your breath. He even levitates. If it’s visual magic you need, then you want him casting his spells for you.


Project Management
Excellent Interpersonal Skills
Planning and Organisation.


  • Multimedia BAs, Art Institute Fort Lauderdale
team 2


Marketing Master


It’s not enough to build it; you have to make them come. Vanessa is the marketing goddess that makes that happen. She has a simple goal and that’s to keep your brand from becoming just more white noise out there. With an eclectic background in marketing, public relations, and library science, she’s got the street cred to do the marketing that needs doing. Anymore, it’s all about SEO, and she knows her stuff. She eats long pages of source code like candy. Yeah, she’s like that.


PPC Marketing
E-mail Marketing
Statistics 101


  • Marketing BSc, UM. University
team 2


Developer Dynamo

Developer Dynamo

Just add coffee and watch out! He comes fully equipped with HTML5, CSS3, and what one could only describe as a Jedi’s knowledge of the force that is CMS. Not enough for you, you say? You expect more of a digital warrior. Well, let’s not overlook his cutting-edge use of Javascript techniques or his mastery of proprietary solutions and ideas. He is our dynamo!


App Development


  • Web Design and Development BSc, Kiev. University

What We Do

Are you creating a brand, business, or campaign from scratch? Or, are you hoping to refresh a tired look? Do you have offline and online needs? We’re on it. Innovation. Collaboration. Execution. You’ll have the design. You’ll have the marketing. You’ll have the latest functionality. We will likely have caffeine overdose… whatever it takes. We’re with you until it’s done and done right.

Check out our recent work to be convinced.

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Some of Our Skills

  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Design/Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • SEO

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Our Services

When it comes to your creative needs, we do what you need done. Period.

Creative Direction

Creativity. It’s the most difficult thing to teach. Some say you have it or you don’t. Trust us, we were born with it, and we’ve learned how to harness it. Working with our team, you’ll see things you haven’t seen before. You’ll see your brand or product in a way you never guessed it could be. You’re going to love it.

Web & Mobile

Want your business to look out-of-date or clueless? Simply have a bad website. We can help you avoid that impression. You know you need a site, but do you know what you need and how it should look? We do. We can do simple and sleek or complex and chic… whatever your brand needs.


Design says everything about who you are and what you sell. We’ll help you say it right. There’s everything design shouldn’t be. Then, there’s us. Yes, we are that confident, which is pretty cool for you.


White noise. Vanilla. Boring. All words that can describe a one-sided web experience. People need to feel like they’re involved. They are more than just eyes and ears. You need to touch their brains, their spirits, their hearts… their eMotions. One way to do that is to make sure your company offers an interactive experience. We can make sure that happens.


Like a tattoo, your brand is forever. You get one shot. It will be inked on everything you send out and will make every first impression. We’ll help you get it right with no regrets.

Social Media

You need to understand and tap into social media. You need a social strategy. Multi-channel management. Content creation. Application development. Advanced analytics. Listening services. Does that make your head spin? Not us. It makes our wheels turn. Let us help you create a social media strategy that will bring results.

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