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The project goal for the UI/UX design at Harklinikken, a Danish hair treatment/care company, was to revamp and optimize the user interface and experience of their online platforms, including their website and mobile app. The primary objectives were to create a visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive design that effectively communicated Harklinikken’s expertise in hair treatment and care. This involved streamlining navigation, improving content presentation, enhancing interactivity, and ensuring that users, whether seeking information or products, could easily find what they needed. The ultimate aim was to provide an exceptional online experience that reflected Harklinikken’s commitment to hair health and contributed to customer satisfaction and engagement.


In the completed UI/UX and Shopify development project for Harklinikken, the objectives were successfully achieved. The user experience was optimized with a mobile-responsive design and seamless e-commerce integration. Efficient appointment booking systems for their clinic were implemented, ensuring brand consistency and effective content presentation. Multilingual support and SEO enhancements expanded accessibility and visibility. Interactive features and social media integration engage users, while robust data security and privacy measures were put in place. User behavior was analyzed to inform ongoing maintenance and drive continuous conversion optimization. This comprehensive approach resulted in a user-friendly, visually appealing online platform aligned with Harklinikken’s brand, fostering trust,growth and customer satisfaction.