Written by emolog on February 18, 2016


The Ozone agency approached eMotion to redesign the website for Medtronic. It was time for a new look and feel, something that reflected the science behind their products, but also the people who benefit from their technologies. The client required a social media feel with a focus on individual users/stories.


Medical technology providers can make the mistake of having too much of a focus on advances in technology while forgetting the people who need those advances. It can be off putting to others, making the company feel insensitive to the patients who need them. That’s not Medtronic. The company’s heart is in the right place, and they wanted a site that reflected their heart and philosophy – their commitment to “improving the lives of people.”


Understanding and sensitive to the special needs of this unique client, WCE created a website that focused on the user. People are highlighted over technology, and personal stories are told. The site, when finished, will clearly deliver Medtronic’s philosophy and message. Launch of the site is very close.

About This Client
Medtronic is a global healthcare solutions company committed to improving the lives of people through medical technologies, services, and solutions.
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