Friends Vine

Written by emolog on November 19, 2014

About This Client

Colorado Foods LLC had a brand new product – Friends Just Wine, one of the first wines in a can. With pride, the product is marketed as a highly portable and great-tasting wine.

Project Stats


Emotion was tagged by Colorado Foods to develop a brand identity including package design for their new wine concept. They knew their idea was different and maybe even provocative. They knew it would take appealing branding to make it work. They knew they needed Emotion’s assistance.


Colorado Foods wanted to create a brand that would cross the traditional boundaries of wine. They wanted to target unexplored ground. Who were their targets? Fast food establishments, sports stadiums, boaters and airlines, among others. Colorado Foods wanted a brand that would appeal to a new market segment and that anyone would recognize as a wine.


Emotion conceptualized the Friends Just Wine brand identity. Next came package design and promotional materials. We capitalized on elements of traditional wine but also pulled in ideas from nontraditional markets, such as malt beverages and energy drinks. For maximum visual effect, we used a combination of metallic foil substrate and an opaque white ink to accentuate the look of the can. Look for yourself. Makes you want to try it, doesn’t it?