About This Client

Daluga Boland & Montgomery is a prestigious Chicago-based Law Firm specializing in Tax Law. The firm is made up of attorneys with years of Tax and IRS experience.

Project Stats


Daluga Boland & Montgomery contracted Emotion to breathe new life into their brand. Among other things, they wanted a website with a cutting-edge but still corporate feel. The challenges? Make clear the areas of practice with a site that was easy to use and charged with great graphics.


Practicing law is a highly competitive field. People don’t go to the phone book anymore looking for legal help; they go to the web. How do you keep them on your site? Law is also complicated. Daluga Boland & Montgomery wanted to accurately represent what they do, but not turn off potential clients with too much reading. They wanted new. They wanted unique. They wanted easy-to-use. Quite simply, they wanted WCE’s help.


WCE delivered the goods by creating a WordPress-driven site. Additionally, we dreamed up new branding for implementation across various marketing platforms. Now, their areas of practice are represented with sleek graphics coupled with an interactive experience. You have to check out their site and see it for yourself.